Monday, 17 October 2011

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers...

Karma's a bitch. She stole my pillow. Apparently karma is catching up with me for the things I've found over the years and claimed as my own: My sister's eyeshadow My sister's sweeties My sister's books My sister's CDs... (Let's just cut a long story short and say "my sister's stuff".) Back to karma. She has obviously decided enough is enough and I must be taught a lesson. It is now my turn to be the weeping loser. My pillow has disappeared. I'm a fussy sleeper; a sensitive uvula and my ability to snore through nuclear wars mean that I can only comfortably sleep on my tummy. I'm sure there are other face-down sleepers out there who understand the importance of the perfect pillow combination to achieve sleep in this position - the delicate balance of high enough to breathe but low enough to avoid neck pain is so easily broken by pillow adjustment. I had my own arranged perfectly, conducive to a quick drop off. But tonight I am horrified to discover that my pillowcase contains only one sliver of pillow, instead of its usual two. So where is my pillow? No one else in the house has seen or touched it (or rather, admitted to seeing or touching it) and I have hunted literally both high and low for the little rascal. And still no sign. Did karma sneak in and steal it last night as I tried and failed to find comfort on a friend's couch? Or is the culprit less conceptual and more corporeal..? At least I have something to ponder as I look toward the dark sleepless night ahead of me. Perhaps I could take the time to design some flyers begging for the safe return of my much beloved pillow...


  1. Apparently I sleep on my tummy but I have no idea that I do, cos I'm bloody sleeping, your aunty pointed out this completely trivial and useless piece of information to me recently

  2. Lol well surely you know how hard it is to get comfy on your tum? And it's not useless info - what if one day a serial killer is on the loose near you but only goes for those who sleep in the foetal position for example. At least you would know you're safe!