Sunday, 2 October 2011

All Work And No Play...

...makes me such a grumpy mare.

I started this Beauty Therapy course assuming that I would need a basic knowledge of the human body. I did not, however, anticipate that the course would be more detailed and more intensive than that of first year nursing. When I do eventually finish this paper on the reproductive system I have another due a day later on ALL the body systems, and how the massage strokes we use affect each part. To be around 35 pages long. Fun, right?

It doesn't help that my brain seems to have melted out of my ears, and all the while I'm meant to be practising my practical skills not only in massage but also manicures, facials, facial massage, aaaand keeping up to date with my regular homework on different types of skin and hair and which products to use on each, and how the skin is structured and how many layers the epidermis has and whether or not the sebaceous layer includes nerve endings or blood vessels.


4 days of college a week and a day at work at a job I hate... isn't life peachy? And aren't I getting desperate with my procrastination?

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  1. procrastination is a fine word, isn't education wonderful and being in Scotland it is FREE for you stop bloody whingeing